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Mel PhotoMelissa DeMarco, Editor

Melissa DeMarco is a former Mount Dora elected official and a volunteer for various causes in the area. She is retired and lives in Mount Dora.  Her passion for sharing information about the community motivates her to provide this informational outlet. In 2003, Melissa moved here from Orlando. Her background includes experience in highway construction, planning & development, mortgage banking, purchasing/material management and contract administration. She has been married to husband, Dennis Zander, since 1988. Melissa’s son, Justin, lives in Charlotte, NC.

Melissa DeMarco, Editor (editor@mountdoracitizen.com)

davidDavid Cohea, Staff Writer

Writer David Cohea has been a Mount Dora resident since 1996. He and his wife Beth live in the Anna Blyche house on Ninth Avenue. David has worked in the newspaper industry for the past 35 years, first at The Orlando Sentinel and then with Reed Brennan Media Associates selling King Features editorial products to weekly newspapers. He has served on Mt. Dora citizen committees ranging from charter review to Parks and Recreation.

David Cohea, Staff Writer (david@mountdoracitizen.com)