Downtown Mount Dora – Under the Big Top, A Time-Lapse Video Story

CFL Property Management Group in Downtown Mount Dora engaged Massey Services to tent the east side of an entire block of downtown – from Fourth Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

The tenting, as creepy as it looks, was necessary.  CFL has been spot treating the buildings for drywood termites, but has not been able to eradicate the pests.  Under CFL’s organizational management, the five affected property owners pulled together to address the situation on a large, expensive, and hopefully permanent scale.

So how long did it take to tent the block?  4-1/2 hours.  But, you can watch the whole process, condensed down to a little over a minute, thanks to Mount Dora Citizen’s crackerjack time-lapse video, courtesy of Tom Benitez.

The property manager’s representative Sandi Weld worked night and day over the past several weeks pulling the strings necessary to get the job done.  Downtown property owners have jumped in to assist the temporarily displaced tenants with generosity and enthusiasm.  Carol Fuller, who owns the Fuller Building on Fourth is storing wine for the Wine Den.  Main Street Leasing is storing candy for the Mt. Dora Confectionary.  Dave Hurley is temporarily housing residential tenants who were displaced.

All food, dog food and treats, plants and animals were removed before the Vikane gas was introduced.  There will be no residual odor or film left on anything in the buldings – Vikane is a gas, not a mist or a spray.  The buildings were inspected and a special lock was placed on each doorway, so that no one can inadvertently enter the treated buildings while they are unsafe.  Air quality will be tested on Wednesday before anyone will be allowed entry on Thursday.

The gas will penetrate the building’s wooden floors – the place where most of the unwelcome termites were making themselves at home.  By Thursday afternoon, tenants should be able to begin moving back home to their beautiful Donnelly Street restaurants and shops.

Let’s all welcome our wonderful merchants back this weekend with some enthusiastic shopping and dining in downtown.  And, remember – there are many good folks whose doors are still open, just around the corner from the temporarily tented buildings.

Shop local, support Mount Dora!

Melissa DeMarco, Editor