Introducing: The Mount Dora LOOTH! An Occasional Column by Daemon Fields

Meet Heather and Daemon Fields, Mount Dorians determined to LOOTH

LOOTH?  What is LOOTH?  It’s more of an idea…an inspiration to experience Life Out Of The House to see the amazing world around us.

There are a lot of people traveling from that little town to our south called Orlando. Mount Dora is a unique place attracting tourism, both local and abroad.  Mount Dora is highlighted on national travel websites and even international visitors are experiencing the small town charm we call home.   Let’s get our LOOTH on, Live Out Of The House and see what our little town has to offer!

looth 1

Hello fellow Mount Dorians!  Is that even right?  Mount Dorians?  Sounds fun.  Let’s go with that! My name is Daemon and I am a long time local resident who is discovering a newfound love for Mount Dora.   What’s not to love?  The small town charm…great local shops like The Spice and Tea exchange, the Mount Dora Olive Oil Company and Whispering Winds, along with unique places to eat and drink like Frog & Monkey, Maggie’s Attic and StrEAT Corner, and then there is the parking (well…maybe not the parking).  Did you know a nationally recognized travel site lists 65 “Things to Do” in Mount Dora?  How many have you experienced?


My beautiful wife and I met about 10 years ago and decided to call this area home.  Our journey to Mount Dora followed very different paths.  I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, raised in Hollywood and spent time as an adult in Miami.  I was in Ocala for a time and even lived in the Orlando area.  My wife, Heather, grew up in the Tampa area and spent some time in the panhandle.  We have seen Florida…and there is no place quite like Mount Dora.


For Heather, she used to come into town from Orlando to see the Antique Mall on the corner of 5th and Highland, but she never continued the drive to downtown.  It was like finding a gold coin but completely missing the huge treasure that lay just beyond.


That is crazy!  Can you imagine?  But seriously, are we locals any different?  Have we truly experienced what this amazing town has to offer?  We might drive through on our way to work or stop by our favorite restaurant for some dinner.  We may bring our out-of-town family to show off the quaint shops, streetscape and architecture.  We see it all the time, but do we even “know” our own town?

“If you like Mount Dora so much, why haven’t you checked out all the cool things to see and do?”  I asked myself.

“Well…” starting to become self-aware I am quite literally talking to myself, “Let’s do this thing!”

Heather and I decided it was time to start living Life Out Of The House.  We started LOOTHing all over town.  One weekend it was brunch at the Lakeside Inn with a Bloody Mary and bottomless Mimosas.


On another, we LOOTH’d our way to Rocking Rabbit on Highland Street enjoying homemade chips and an amazing Baja Turkey Burger.


Then, the LOOTH experience had us enjoying a Walking Dead comic book from Alleyway Comics.


Who knew Mount Dora LOOTHing could be so much fun?!  I need to share this so other Mount Dorians can enjoy LOOTHing as much as we do.  But first, it is important to look my best so I headed over to Daniel’s Barbershop in the open-air hallway off of Donnelly.


Like many businesses here in Mount Dora, Daniel’s Barber Shop is an owner-operated business.  Daniel opened this neat little barber shop last year on December 20th.  According to Daniel, business is doing great!  He is open 7 days a week and is making quite an impression on the locals, young and old alike.  His cool styles even have the kids talking at school, which was made apparent when two teenagers went before me.  During my beautification (which, granted, is a stretch!) Daniel was excited to tell me about his growing business and the need to add a new barber soon.  He’ll even let you buy one of the records off the wall if you ask.  LOOTHing can be more than simply having fun.  Life Out Of The House means meeting great new people like Daniel and supporting our local, hard-working merchants!


I am now cleaned up and ready to meet my fellow Mount Dorians to LOOTH our way all over town!  LOOTHing takes many forms and I want to take you along for the ride.  Keep an eye open for future columns showing cool things to do in Mount Dora.  The Mount Dora LOOTH may include activities our non-local visitors have raved about on national travel websites such as the extremely informative (and fun) Segway Tour.


In other columns, I’ll LOOTH around to find the secret fun of Mount Dora most tourists miss during their short stay.


With the Mount Dora LOOTH, I hope to share things that make our town unique which inspires you to join me in my LOOTHing experience!  Heather and I are enjoying seeing Mount Dora with fresh eyes and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you.

Get off of the couch, get out of the house, call some friends and load the family in the car.  It is time to live Life Out Of The House.  I hope to see you around town living your own LOOTH adventure.  Let’s get LOOTHing!

Contributed by Daemon Fields, Occasional Columnist for the Mount Dora Citizen