Let’s Play Fair with Political Signs

As election season rolls out and campaign signs begin popping up all over the local landscape, it’s good to know the city’s guidelines for for placing them.

According to Cindy Sommer, a code enforcement officer for Mount Dora police, here’s what you can—and can’tdo:

  • One sign per candidate per property. You can place a sign for every candidate you support, but only one per candidate.
  • Signs can’t be put up before candidates qualify for the election.
  • For residences, the sign has to be what is called a snipe sign, meaning it sticks into the ground. The sign can be no more than 4 square feet (eg., 2′ x 2;) For commercial properties, the size limit is 4′ x 4.’
  • Signs are not permitted in the right-of-way (the area from the sidewalk to the street, or where there are utility or telephone poles, or electrical boxes).
  • If there’s no sidewalk, the right of way is defined by utility poles.

If a sign is placed wrong, Sommer says, she’s authorized to remove it, but usually she just relocates into fair territory.

IMG_3509So far, she says, it’s been a fairly quiet season, with no reports yet of stolen signs.

If you have further questions about signs or want to complain about a situation, Sommer is the person to contact. She can be reached at (352) 735-7177.

David Cohea, Writer (david@mountdoracitizen.com)