The Mount Dora Citizen – A year later (A Letter from the Editor)


It’s been almost a year since the first edition of the Mount Dora Citizen was released.  Our very first issue covered the Fourth of July weekend, 2015.  We are now reaching over 2,000 homes through direct subscriptions and have almost as many Facebook followers.

We are appreciative of our readers who follow our local publication and our Facebook page.  You make this all worthwhile. From last summer to this, we went from developing an idea for a local Mount Dora paper – to providing our readers with literally hundreds of stories. We did many of them with the help and contributions of resident readers to whom we are grateful beyond words.

So, it is now officially summer again.  Our Mount Dora population is down by about a third, as folks head northward to spend the summer in those cooler Yankee climes.  Among them, at least for a portion of the summer, is yours truly.  My husband, my dog, and I spend the summer traveling back and forth from our Mount Dora home to visit family in Ohio, and the mountains in North Carolina.

Because we are volunteers, with other responsibilities and obligations to meet, David Cohea and I fit in whatever writing we can, as we are able.  We write about what happens in Mount Dora – and sometimes things that are happening nearby, but only topics that affect us, as Mount Dorans. There are plenty of informational sites that cover that wider world of news out there. Council meetings, important events around town, happenings in government, and stories of our residents that we enjoy sharing are subjects of our primary focus at the Mount Dora Citizen.

But, the summer and vacation-time are calling.  So for David and I, it’s time for a refresh and a reset.  We need a few weeks to research the next series of stories we will be providing you.  We hope you will be patient with us as we take a breather from putting out editions of 6-8 stories per week.

We will still be actively reporting about Mount Dora.  We will cover Mount Dora City Council meetings, happenings of import to the city’s residents, and local news on our website.  But, we will focus on Facebook postings rather than writing extended original content for the website while we are on vacation.

During brief our hiatus, we will continue to post items on Facebook – please follow us here: Mount Dora Citizen Facebook Page.

The webpage will be updated regularly, as well – we will continue to cover happenings in local government.  You can check our website anytime: Mount Dora Citizen.

So we will be here, watching and reporting. We hope you stick with us, we hope you continue to enjoy the e-paper we provide.  We appreciate your readership and loyalty.

If you have stories to share or have an interest in writing for the paper, I’d love to hear from you.  I can be reached at the below email address, which I check regularly – regardless of where on the globe I may be.

Melissa DeMarco, Editor (