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Get your Game On:

Think you might be interested in playing a little pickleball?  Well, if you think you might, stop by the Mount Dora Pickleball Courts in Donnelly Park, almost any morning between 8:30 and 10:30.  There is equipment available for you to use and friendly folks are just waiting to welcome more players to the growing sport. The friendly bunch I caught up with were happy to share their love of the sport with me.  They will be with you, also.  It’s a great way to meet nice people in town and make new friends!

IMG_4445Janene and Suzanne, pickleball enthusiasts who live in the Lakes of Mount Dora, say they will be happy to show new players the ropes.  It’s a fun game, they say, mixing skills from badminton and tennis.  Start out working on hand-eye coordination, and before you know it – you’ll be having a great time. Just wear some good sport shoes (leave your flip-flops and sandals at home).  George Simpson told us that folks come from as far away as Daytona and Ocala to play pickleball in Mount Dora.  The sport has been around since the 1960s, and it’s growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.


On the Water – Simpson Cove:

IMG_4388So, it’s not every day that you see a Fletcher Class Destroyer from WWII cutting across the waters of Lake Dora in Simpson Cove.  But you do some days… IMG_4386

That is if Robert Perretti is down at the docks with his 172nd scale model remote control ship.  The model is over 5′ long and is pretty impressive to watch.  Not as much so as the 311′ real deal…but close enough for Simpson Cove.  Perretti also captains a larger Bismarck on occasion that’s a 150th scale model of the real deal.  He gathers a bit of a crowd when he’s out there with his hobby, and he enjoys answering questions and having folks admire his baby.

So…Let’s Do Lunch!

IMG_4452Another new downtown business is open and ready to serve you a heck of a good lobster roll.  Let’s Do Lunch is a casual, fun new restaurant open on Donnelly between Fourth and Fifth Avenues every day except Monday – lunches only – 10:30 to 3:30. They do a nice carryout business, or dine in, in the cheerful dining room.

They have great, affordable soups, sandwiches and desserts.  But c’mon!  YouIMG_4449 know you want to try that lobster roll.   It’s yummy and chock full of lobster, no fillers, and is served on a grilled hot dog bun with your choice of a side.  Had the cole slaw and loved it.  Great new addition to a wonderful slate of local restaurants.


Mount Dora is Getting out that Vote!

Voting_United_StatesEARLY VOTING–Mount Dora is setting the bar for early voting in Lake County, according to Supervisor of Elections, Emogene Stegall. Stegall says Mount Dora has had the heaviest turnout in Lake County so far with 387 early ballots cast as of Thursday evening. One glitch reported, as a worker referred to the precinct register, without her glasses on, and then accidentally handed one voter a ballot for the wrong precinct. Fortunately, it was an isolated incident, and was corrected at the polling site, according to Stegall.  Let’s keep it up Mount Dora, exercise those civic muscles and vote!

Crash closes Old Eustis Road at Dogwood Mountain Friday Night

IMG_4501Friday evening, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies from the StreetIMG_4503 Crimes Unit were pursuing a suspect through Mount Dora on Old Eustis Road near Dogwood Mountain, when the suspect crashed into another vehicle. The suspect was taken to the hospital. We’re happy to report that the driver of the truck that was hit was not injured.

Melissa DeMarco, Editor (editor@mountdoracitizen.com)