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Here are a few items of interest this week – from new business in downtown, to a keep pets safe alert, code enforcement awareness, and a happy Halloween bit of news…



IMG_4230Stop by the Renaissance Building on Donnelly Street and say hello to one of our newest business proprietors!  The Lacy Lady Bug proprietor, Kristy Smith, is dipping her toe in the Downtown Mount Dora ladies’ clothing scene.  The Lacy Lady Bug is about fashion – A Unique, Chic, Curvy Ladies’ Boutique, as Kristy’s tagline goes.  The shop carries women’s sizes from 12-30.  Dresses, slacks, tops, formalwear and accessories will all be featured.  Kristy grew up in Eustis and her son is Mount Dora Police Officer Michael Vaughn.  Stop by and let her know we appreciate her coming to Mount Dora.  IMG_4234 (1)

The entire shop has gotten a bright and cheerful facelift.  Besides, when you see the Ladybug Mascot and helper (also known as Kristy’s granddaughter) you will wear a smile all day long!


For Your Pet:

IMG_4203This summer, my dog Jubal and I had a close encounter with a timber rattler.  It was horrifying and I was afraid I was going to lose my buddy.  He is still, at 18 months, very puppyish.  Snake, toy – he doesn’t really understand the difference.  I was wrong, let me state that loudly and clearly before I continue.  I should never have had my dog off-leash in the mountains.

I allowed him to ramble along on hikes with me off-leash, occasionally.  We happened upon the rattle snake, Jubal thought it was fascinating…long story short – snake bite, hysteria, vet visit, vet bill.  We were so lucky. My dog had experienced a “dry bite,” meaning the snake gave him a serious warning, but didn’t release venom as he bit.  After finding the puncture of the bite, running a test and determining that Jubal had not been injected with venom, the vet said we could celebrate.    My choice was  red wine, Jubal’s was with a new squeaky toy.

The Eastern Diamondback Rattler is found throughout Florida
The Eastern Diamondback Rattler is found throughout Florida

Venomous snakes are easily found in Central Florida – but anti-venom for your pet is not easily found.  The veterinarian with whom we dealt told me that a pet owner cannot wait until symptoms arise before seeking treatment.  That may well be too little, too late, especially for smaller dogs.  If you have good reason to suspect your pet was bitten by a venomous snake, you must get it to a vet immediately.  Preferably, you can find a vet who carries antivenin or anti-venom.  Most don’t.  It is very expensive and the shelf life is very short.  My calls around Lake County didn’t result in reaching any 24-hour vets who carry it.

So where to get your pet anti-venom in an emergency?  The Deland Animal Hospital – at 1598 N Woodland Blvd., Deland, FL 32720, Phone: 386-734-1802 is open 24 hours per day, and does carry anti-venom.  Keep that information tucked away, but Jubal and I pray you never need it.

Code Enforcement:

Unknown-4Downtown Mount Dora business, be on alert.  Code enforcement is going to be making visits around town to discuss signage with businesses, once again.  During the long summer construction season, what with road closures and detours and the accompanying confusion, the Mount Dora Police Department has tried to offer leniency in code enforcement – understanding how tough it was for some businesses to get their usual customers to them.

But construction is over and the city looks great!  So it’s time to pack up those “snipe” signs, get those sandwich boards permitted at city hall, and take down those banners.  Cindy, the code enforcement agent, will be coming by to talk with you, if you don’t.

And by the way…that goes for the myriad of political signs that are popping up like colorful mushrooms everywhere, too…(Make sure they are properly placed – see the rules for political signs here.)

Mount Dora Library Association:

The Simpson Farmhouse, next to the W.T. Bland Public Library will soon be host to a creepy, wonderful, macabre celebration of  ghosties and ghoulies. Saturday, September 26,  Mucklebones, LLC was hard at work transforming the quiet, usually sedate farmhouse into a Halloween destination for all ages.  This one is pretty family friendly, as halloween events go…”a family-friendly wax museum,” is how Rob, with Mucklebones, described the venue.  No one will jump out and grab you here…but the house is being completely transformed, in very theatrical, exciting fashion.  (My sneak preview was really, really impressive!)

FullSizeRender 3

Can hardly wait!  The “Mount Dora Monster Museum” will be open for brave visitors on weekends, (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5-9 p.m.) beginning October 2.  Admission is $6.00 and proceeds benefit the W.T. Bland Library.  Of course, there will be special, extended hours on October 31st – from 4 to 11 p.m.  C’mon, get yourself scared for a great cause!

Melissa DeMarco, Editor (editor@mountdoracitizen.com)